School project post apocalyptic . Interior design

It was 2100, when a space organic substance, the "Nectar ", fell on the Earth with a big asteroid and infected large part of the population , expecialy in the east. A scientist studied the Nectar and learnd how to use it in order to control the infected and use this as a power also to improve his physical skills . The Nectar, infact, at first gave benefict to the body of the infect but then it takes control over it and turn it into a zombie . But the scientist knew how to dose the Nectar to mantein the control over his body . But this substance is wake against cold so the only hope for Alexis , the grandson of a sientist who wanted to destroy the Nectar, is to find a solution through his grandfather study.

Cristian imbrogio area cattivo

Boss enviroment

Cristian imbrogio variante oggetto area boss

Capsule study

Cristian imbrogio scelto capsula

Turn around

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Protagonist base

Cristian imbrogio oggetto stanza character

Exploration fridge

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Turn around